Ernst Gotsch changes your mind about agriculture.

Ernst Götsch works with Agroforestry systems to regenerate degraded areas in Brazil and improve the quantity and quality of food produced.  This video, Life in Syntropy, talks to him and two of his students about their quest to save the planet while producing more and better food for everyone.

Regenerative Agriculture is a hot topic, but there aren’t a ton of great examples cleverly edited with great camera work and drone shots.  This is the video that I have been looking for, showing real examples of Brazilian farmers who have actually transformed their own land.

Near the end of the film, we see 1200 acres that Ernst has worked since 1984, from above it is indistinguishable from a natural forest, but its the under canopy shots when you realize that he is harvesting many valuable products from a completely sustainable forest ecosystem.  Amazing!

Ernst Gotsch has many examples of his regenerative system of agriculture restoring degraded grasslands to productive agroforests.
Rows of production, used to recover bracharia grasslands.